Exceeding expectation

Meet The DoctorMy personal ethos is to treat all patients in the way I would expect to be treated myself. This approach ensures that all appropriate options will be offered and a comprehensive treatment plan given. Where ever possible I will explore not only maintaining dental health but also openly and honestly discuss cosmetic solutions that are available seeking the simplest successful solution to deliver the patient’s wishes and expectations.

Your health is the most important thing to me and your smile is part of your overall wellbeing. I will always listen carefully to the issues that concern you personally, after all we are all different ! My teaching positions allow me to invest significant time in staying at the cutting edge of both technology and research and I will use this information to provide the optimal solution to both your dental health and well being.

Accessibility to care

I understand this can be difficult, most of my clinics are in high demand. This web site has been created in part to help with this aspect of your care. You will find my diary on this website, it is updated by my dental teams and will allow you to see where availability is at any time along with the contact details of that surgery. May be a rare cancelation will match with a shopping trip in the West End or a day out to Brighton !

Quality Assurance

I undertake hundreds of hours of hours of postgraduate education every year to continually improve the level of treatment provided and the options available. I always welcome your feedback on your treatment and for many aspects of treatment there are guarantees given.


I am quite open about my fees. If it is cheap budget dentistry you are seeking you are really visiting the wrong web site and dentist. I absolutely believe that there is really only one way to look after people and that is properly. I am not prepared to compromise on your health this demands both time and quality are the primary focus for me. Fees do vary according to circumstance of the case and specific fees are available on request. Where fees are shown on this site they are for guidance only.

We do not currently provide finance for patients. We can offer guidance about where to seek finance when required. However I prefer to simply offer you all the treatment options and clear prices, this frees you to seek suitable finance and information from suitably trained individuals with no direct tie to my professional services.

Dr Charles Adam Edward Slade
B.D.S. L.D.S. R.C.S. M.F.G.D.P. U.K. M. Clin. Dent. (Prosthodontics)
GDC 61996
Licensed London