VeneersThese are a popular treatment and have advanced hugely in last decade. Individually hand created by my technician these can be produced to very thin sections allowing correction of colour and position of teeth. Veneers are especially useful where the tooth is chipped, twisted, or imperfect. They can also be used to close spaces between teeth where orthodontic treatment is not suitable

There are limits to how much correction is possible and we will almost always discuss the role of orthodontics in any crowding cases. Veneers fit perfectly over the surface of your own teeth correcting or recreating a perfect smile. Veneers are either made of porcelain (requiring at least 2 visits) or composite (sometimes requiring just one visit). Only minimal, or no, preparation of the teeth is required in order to gain significant improvement of the aesthetics. They are, when appropriate, a more conservative and suitable option to crowns.