Bridge Treatments On Teeth And Implants

BridgesBridges are one common way of replacing a missing tooth, or teeth, and, unlike dentures, are fixed in place using adjacent healthy teeth or implants for support. Custom built to restore and replace missing teeth bridges are an alternative to implants in some cases or a method of restoring implants in others. Bridges can be all porcelain structures though more commonly porcelain boned to a precious metal or non-precious metal substructure is used.

Bridges can be indistinguishable from natural teeth both aesthetically and functionally. A bridge can allow you to forget you have missing teeth. It can radically alter the cosmetic appearance of your smile and, as with a crown or veneer, be carefully matched to the shape and colour of your own teeth. Bridges like crowns can last many years however very careful planning and construction, along with meticulous maintenance, are the keystones to success.

Bridges are not always appropriate and in these cases implants or partial dentures may be recommended.