Dr Adam Slade has been on ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5

Everyone’s perception of you is affected by a smile. Nothing can change your appearance more than a great smile. As humans we can recognise a smile at a very long distance, in fact we can detect if a person is smiling before any other feature, in fact before we can even recognise who the person is.

People often hide a smile they are unhappy with by putting their hand over their mouth or smiling so as to hide the feature they dislike. More often than not people who don’t like their smiles are the ones who volunteer to be behind the camera. Once their smile is corrected it is sometimes hard to keep them out of the shots !!

Tooth whitening is available in both home and surgery solutions. Generally it is recognised that in surgery whitening treatments should be preceded by home whitening with trays (preconditioning) to get the best results. This is a very affordable improvement and I generally will recommend this for any front teeth treatments as it should be undertaken before, not after, any anterior tooth treatments.