Crown Treatment For Teeth And Implants

CrownsWith the advances in modern adhesives and porcelain technology it is rarely necessary to cover the entire tooth. This minimises damage to your natural tooth whilst restoring its natural aesthetics and function. All porcelain crowns are commonly used for front teeth whilst posterior teeth often will usually be best restored with a porcelain bonded to precious metal structure or the very latest Zirconium technology. Technology is advancing rapidly in this area and frequently I will use a computer milled base for your crown. This is milled at one of 3 locations in the world where I can receive the accuracy of fit that you deserve. This does mean that you will not receive the crown the same day but this is a minor inconvenience for the improved fit and quality and as provisional restorations are always placed you will always leave the surgery looking great.

Crowns are usually fitted to teeth where significant damage decay or restoration has resulted in not enough tooth tissue left to place a filling. Crowns are made of precious metal, non-precious metal, porcelain, or porcelain with metal inside for strength. Crowns are very durable, lasting 14 years or more on average. They can be constructed to look and feel exactly like a natural tooth and can also improve the appearance of misshapen and discoloured teeth.

The tooth and restoration is shaped so that, when restored, it will be the same size as the normal tooth. An impression or digital scan is recorded of the preparation . A temporary crown is made to fit the tooth until your second appointment when the permanent crown is cemented into place.