Patients with missing or failing teeth nowadays have many choices. Removable dentures used to be the only alternative. In some cases – as a permanent solution, in some others – as part of a long treatment journey which included several surgical interventions. Our patients have another choice – “Teeth in a day” treatment. This is one of the most advanced techniques which enables us to give patients their new smiles, confidence and lives back just in one day.

Dental implants still need 4 to 6 months to heal; however, by angulating implants we not only utilise the strongest bone in patient’s mouth and avoid invasive surgical procedures, but also it enables us to make a fixed arch of teeth on the day when implants are placed.

Patients love it, because they are:
*Strong and stable, almost as good as healthy natural teeth
*Build to last
*No embarrassment when socialising: laughing, talking or eating favourite foods
*Retains natural face shape